Museumplein Ruud Borgman Art Square

‘Art is able to shock or surprise people’

Ruud Borgman is a contemporary artist, living and working in The Netherlands. He believes in art which is able to tell stories. Personally, he’s intrigued by life stories. Stories told by people themselves without telling them literally. The faces of people will tell the stories for them.

Faces with a story. Something which returns in every artwork of Borgman. Without pencil the exact external phenomena of the reality in the portraits, the paintings do tell stories.

The inspiration are the people who’re walking down the streets in the city, on the countryside, the people who’re sitting on a outdoor coach and who’re eating in a restaurant. In short, people of the world. People with a story, a past and a future.

The purpose of paintings, and therefore art, is to shock and surprise people. Not everybody needs to like or adore an artwork. But the artwork needs to transmit something to the viewer. A feeling, some information, a story and/or some inspiration.