The inspiration consist of unexpected meetings with people who’re walking down the streets, people who’re sitting on a outdoor couch and who’re eating in a restaurant, dissidents, adventurers, sluggards. People with a story, a past and a future.

Without actually telling their stories, people’s facial expressions tell them for them. Therefor the portraits aren’t an exact representation of the reality. They’re tronies. The feelings of humans translated in faces by Ruud Borgman.


The usage of several materials and working with different sizes excites him. Sometimes working on a canvas and slowly creating layer for layer, and sometimes adjusting a huge canvas in rough ways. Creating a painting that remains interesting or creates mixed feelings.

It’s a proces of continuously searching and creating something that’s there or something that just isn’t. That one feeling which a painting can provide. And if you finally find that, you can have a whole other opinion the next day. A process of searching it’s called by himself.


Size doesn’t matter. Eventhough the paintingsĀ are enormous. They’re made out of debris, every old and used piece of wood is being used. Small pieces of wood sticked together or tensed old sail. It’s not about the material, it’s about what’s being done with the materials. This also applies to the kind of paint. Every sort of paint is being combined and used. Everything is being done to reach the wanted result.